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"Of all the decisions an executive makes, none is as important as the 
decisions about people because they determine the performance capacity 
of the organization.”
Peter Drucker 
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Executive Coaching

Productive managers and executives are an organization’s most valuable assets. Often, thousands of dollars have been invested to bring them to a high level of performance. But sometimes, the unexpected happens. Attitudes change. Performance deteriorates. There is a crisis in human relations that requires immediate attention.

Our Coaching program is designed to protect your investment in management and executive-level people whose performance has declined or whose skills appear no longer adequate. It also seeks to help the individual executive/manager make necessary adjustments to save his or her career with the company, or upon proper reflection, prepare for an orderly no-fault exit, if accommodations cannot be made.

Routine performance reviews are sometimes not sufficient to help the under performing manager. An experienced outside counselor using a form of benign intervention, can effectively determine the causes of performance breakdowns or personal conflicts, reopen lines of communication, and regenerate personal commitment.

Our Coaching service is a confidential, one-on-one relationship between an experienced external coach and an individual motivated to succeed. Our coaching projects typically consist of three components: identification of issues and commitment; observation and assessment; action, follow-up and completion. Regular meetings are held to evaluate progress and fine-tune performance.

To keep pace with the constant change in today's workplace, a self-managed, resilient career is a critical necessity for personal and organizational success. Key components of our programs are the introduction of a pro-active, integrated career management model; self-assessment; and an overview of workplace trends.

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