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"Of all the decisions an executive makes, none is as important as the 
decisions about people because they determine the performance capacity 
of the organization.
Peter Drucker 
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Human Resource & Corporate communications

We combine our creative communication skills, a technical background, and significant business experience to provide the communication tools for your employees to understand and embrace organizational and human resources objectives.

Organization communications

Organization communications help employees understand the business's mission and its strategies for achieving its goals. Flexible, timely and customized programs give employees the information and skills to do their jobs and manage change effectively. Our services in this area include communications audits, research and focus groups; and communications planning and implementation.

We provide practical, affordable employee communications consulting and services that can:

  • Increase your employees' understanding of your business and their role in its success.
  • Enhance job satisfaction through greater understanding and appreciation of compensation and benefits programs.
  • Improve management - labor relations.
  • Create a culture and climate to help maintain a positive union-free workplace environment.
Services can include:
  • Establishment and development of employee communications functions.
  • Development and implementation of communications strategies to create understanding and acceptance of major changes in employee benefits design and administration.
  • Development and production of such employee communications media as publications and Intranet sites.
Human Resource communications

Communications about compensation, benefits and related programs that help employees fully understand, use and appreciate all the components of the total reward program are a critical part of total human resources programming. Our services include: Communications for flexible benefits, managed care, 401(k) plans, retirement plans, special enrollments and summary plan descriptions (SPDs); compensation communications. Our consultants also assist employers in complying with disclosure requirements.

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