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"Of all the decisions an executive makes, none is as important as the 
decisions about people because they determine the performance capacity 
of the organization.
Peter Drucker 
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Organizational Effectiveness

The reality of a highly competitive business environment, very short cycle times, team-based structures, global competition, cost pressures, and technology shifts have fundamentally transformed most organizations --- and -- the rate of change is not going to slow down any time soon. If anything, we will most likely see acceleration in the rate of change in the next few decades.

Merger and Acquisition

The human capital needs of the organization have to be addressed if the merger/acquisition is to be successful. Our consultants provide professional assistance during the planning, evaluation and integration of the human resource assets. We develop the transition plan for integrating merged or acquired organizations with the goal of achieving organization objectives. Through team building processes we can lead or assist your Human Resources personnel in the smooth integration of personnel.
Linking management competencies

Changing organization structure is only a part of a redesign essential to integrating vision, values, mission and objectives. Through the use of state-of-the-art management and computerized development tools we can assist you in identifying and linking management competencies with the goals of your organization.

When management competencies, motivation, reward and retention systems are effectively developed and strategically linked to the goals of the organization you can be assured that key members of your team are working in concert and focused on the long term goals of the organization.

Senior executives tell us when they survey their organizations they want to be assured that all members of the management team share the vision, values, culture and strategic goals of the organization.

Our leadership development services include assessment of Leadership Styles and Motivation, Effective Communication for High Performance, Improving Work Habits, Group and Team Development Tools, Behavioral Styles, and Delegation Techniques.

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