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"Of all the decisions an executive makes, none is as important as the 
decisions about people because they determine the performance capacity 
of the organization.”
Peter Drucker 
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Retained search

Devlin Group Inc. will devote all of our resources to finding and helping you employ the best candidate available for your position. We work closely with you to develop a detailed job description and search specification. Company culture is carefully assessed. A list of top candidates is presented for your consideration only after our comprehensive process has validated selected candidates on technical and non-technical grounds. During the selection process, the advantages of our client’s organization are presented to select candidates. We continue our search efforts until a candidate is hired to fill your position. Retained searches are taken on an exclusive basis.
Committed search 

Devlin Group Inc. will review our nationwide databases to determine the availability of potential candidates. We will initiate a search of selected industries and make contact with individuals either as sources or potential candidates. We will interview and recommend candidates who fit your requirements. Your organization makes a minimum financial commitment to cover out of pocket expenses; if a placement results, the up front financial payment is deducted from the search fee.
Contingency Search

We will access our nationwide databases for appropriate candidates. Working in partnership with client organizations, we determine the critical technical and non-technical skills that qualified candidates need to possess in order to be successful and we will refer only candidates that fit company requirements. There is no up front financial commitment on the part of the company and Devlin Group Inc. is paid only when a placement is made.

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